The hidden treasures of Florence: Bargello, San Marco



If you wish to explore a little further the lesser known museums of the city, we definitely suggest to explore these hidden jems, which you can also combine with a walking tour of the city.

The Bargello
Hosted inside this imposing medieval castle, is the most important Renaissance sculpture collection of the city. On the ground floor, you’ll admire some of Michelangelo’s early works as well as some of the great masterpieces of the 16th century. In upper floors you’ll find some of the greatest sculptors of the 15th century such as Donatello with his bronze David, Andrea del Verrocchio, Leonardo da Vinci’s teacer. Besides the sculpture collections, there are rooms dedicated to enamelled ceramics, ivories, small bronze statues, from all over Europe. Inside you’ll also find a collection of glazed ceramics by the Della Robbia family.

Convent of San Marco
Near the busy Gallery of the Accademia, there is an oasis of peace, the Dominican convent of San Marco where you can immerse yourself in the quiet cloister and admire the works of the Beato Angelico. In the upper floor, you’ll find the cells where the monks lived, each one decorated also by the Painter of Light: Beato Angelico. The upper floor has the library, an example of the sobriety of the Florentine 15th century architecture and as well as objects belonging to the much discussed Dominican friar, Girolamo Savonarola.