The Bardini and Boboli Gardens



It’s called the “Greenway” the walk that takes us through two beautiful gardens: the Bardini, with an amazing view over the city and Boboli the most famous Italian garden in the world.
Duration: 3 hours

These are the most important stops during our tour:

The Giardino Bardini: Its history is closely related to the families that have owned it. It reopened recently following the wishes of its last owner, Stefano Bardini at the beginning of the XXth century. Weíll admire the baroque stairway with statues and flowers along the sides, the waterworks in the Chinese garden, the English garden, and finish in the terrace with a stunning view of Florence where you get the impression of touching the roofs and the river Arno.
The path takes us further along the defensive walls built by Michelangelo during the siege of 1529 towards the entrance of the Royal gardens of Boboli. It’s one of the most important examples of an Italian Renaissance garden: its rigorous geometrical order full of nested statues, fountains and monuments turns it into an open air museum. Weíll visit the Grotta del Buontalenti, the Ocean Fountain by Giambologna, the Egyptian Obelisk, the Statue of Abundance, the Amphitheatre and the Rose garden where you’ll enjoy a view of the surrounding hills of Florence

With the same ticket you can also visit the Museo delle Porcellane or the amazing Museo degli Argenti where the treasures of Lorenzo il Magnifico, of the Medici and the Habsburg families are exhibited.