The Medici and Firenze



Duration: 3 hours
The overlords of Florence, the Medici ruled Florence and Tuscany for more than three centuries. We shall visit their “district” which is near the Duomo.

We start at the Medici Palace, considered the first Florentine Renaissance palace, built in the mid 15th century and first residence of the powerful and proud Medici. Weíll visit the beautiful courtyard decorated with busts and statues, the garden, the chapel with the amazing fresco paintings of the “Cavalcade of the Magi” by Benozzo Gozzoli and the Hall of Mirrors.

The visit continues at the Basilica of San Lorenzo, the oldest church in Firenze, which became, during the 15th century, the family church of the Medici. Embellished, amognst others, by the works of Donatello, Andrea del Verrocchio, Filippo Lippi and Bronzino, the church stands a manifesto to the architecture of the Renaissance and the genius of Filippo Brunelleschi, the architect.

Our visit will finish at the Medici Chapels, the mausoleum of the Medici, sumptuously decorated with inlays made with semi-precious stones and colored marbles. Inside we’ll see New Sacristy. A moving monument entirely conceived and decorated by an almost sixty year old Michelangelo and the last work he did in Florence.