The Palaces of the Medici



Duration: 3 hours

Cosimo the 1st transferred the family residence to Palazzo Vecchio, the old medieval govenment palace standing in Piazza della Signoria since the early 14th century. While mantaining the stern appearance of a medieval fortress, the interior was completely refurbished, becoming the private residence of the new Duke of Florence and also his political quarters. Inside we’ll visit the courtyard extravagantly decorated with fresco paintings of the mid 16th century. In the first floor we are recieved in the Hall of the 500, richly decorated by the artists led by the expert hand of Giorgio Vasari. On the second floor you can admire the apartments where Cosimo and his beautiful wife Leonor di Toledo lived. We’ll finish the visit in the “Hall of maps”, testimony of the skilled cartographers of the late 16th century.
These are the most important stops during our tour:

Our visit continues at the Pitti Palace, last and greatest residence of the Medici family. We’ll visit the Palatine Gallery, where a great part of the collection of paintings owned by the Medici is preserved. Masterpieces by Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio and Rubens, amongst others, are displayed in the beautifully decorated rooms, which eco the grandeur of the Medici court. You’ll also visit the Royal Apartments, decorated with frescos and stuccos, silks and fine porcellain.