Experience the most important highlights
of Florence and its timeless spirit


The perfect way to get acquainted with the city:  a pleasant stroll or a bicycle ride in the historical center. Immerse yourself in some of the most renowned monuments in Italy. Experience first hand the timeless spirit of Florence through its Medieval and Renaissance marvels: the Duomo, the Medieval district, Signoria Square, Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi courtyard, the Ponte Vecchio, the Porcellino Market, and many others. You’ll meet the Medici, the ruling family of Florence,  and hear many exciting and unusual stories and anecdotes on the famous artists that made this city the cradle of the Renaissance.
There are many options to choose from in our tours section. You can also combine it with a visit to one of the many beautiful museums, palaces, churches and basilicas that the city offers.
You wish for something more personalized and tailored to your interests and needs? We can design and provide you with a memorable experience in our lovely city.